About SweetMe

Sweet Me, next to the new Beitou Park, is a modern SPA and earthly paradise.

It takes 130 years for the national treasure Beitou stone to grow only one-centimeter. Now more than ever -- drop by for a pure and spiritual SPA experience.

A simple yet modern style of architecture conveys an ideal space spanning sense and sensibility. This terrific architecture is built with lush greenery and soothing waters as its backdrop. The Tang Dynasty style roof and simple, modern facade bring your senses to seek sensibility.

Beitou Hot Spring is also named "Witch Soup" by the native Kaidagelan people. Its rich history is mysteriously shrouded by the misty steam from the spring waters. A hundred years later it has been renovated into a hot spring resort, named Chin Shui Park. Though much has changed in over more than a century to the land above, the water down below remains the best in the nation. Perhaps for the first time in your life, you will not only have a royal treatment to your body, hair and skin, but also experience a deep soothing relaxation throughout your body. Down here, right in the New Beitou Chin-shui Park Beyond the luxurious enjoyment to your entire body, the hot spring here also brings you youthful energy and rejuvenating spirits.

Upon entering the lobby your secular worries will be erased by its beautiful simplicity of design where traditional Chinese culture is perfectly combined with modern western flavors. Decorated with furnishings from Bali Island the comfortable, quiet space and layout provide a sanctuary to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and rest your bothered mind.

The art decorations in each floor's foyer are our deliberation to add to the pleasure of your visual experience. No matter which floor you are on a treat for the eyes is waiting. Primitive style Balinese sculptures featuring simplicity of style and design coupled with gorgeous wall paintings created by world famous artists conjures the feeling of strolling through a mini art museum. With even the stairways packed with many beautiful works of art, no space is left unattended to engage the pleasure of your gaze.

We meet each other here with the blessings of the century-old Beitou stone.

The serendipity at the hot spring has created a touching urban tale.

By the foggy sulfur stream, another legendary story unfolds.


Beauty of Spring; Beauty of Water; Beauty of Humanity

The most convenient and comfortable hot spring hotel in Asia

Top Hot Spring in Taiwan, Beitou Hot Spring