About SweetMe


Over the past few years, though many people have traveled to Beitou, very few realize its real charm. There are a pleasant familiarity and quaint hospitality that you feel when strolling down the street. The heartwarming greetings and glances from others that you meet well up fond hometown memories. The experience reminds you of a time of familial security with budding independence, a youth filled with limitless energy and new-formed ambitions.

Previously being the well-known Beitou Hotel, this building was later turned into a training center where Hsin-Guang Life Insurance Company had its employees, special agents and managers took on-job training programs. Agents from all over the nation once got together in this center to attend the Certified National Agent Exam. The event caused a great sensation then.

In April 2001, the building's use changed again and was renovated, becoming a completely new resort with a fresh image in October 2002. Today it is Sweet Me Hot Spring Hotel.

We meet each other here with the blessings of the century-old Beitou stone.

The serendipity at the hot spring has created a touching urban tale.

By the foggy sulfur stream, another legendary story unfolds.


Beauty of Spring; Beauty of Water; Beauty of Humanity

The most convenient and comfortable hot spring hotel in Asia

Top Hot Spring in Taiwan, Beitou Hot Spring