SweetMe's location

Thirty minutes away from bustling downtown Taipei before you can discern that you are crossing the county border, you will arrive to a place breathing quaint, hometown familiarity - - New Beitou.

New Beitou is located in the spring areas surrounded by the Da Tuen Mountain Range. The many beautiful legends about this place have become common topics of conversations among travelers.

This historical town is an unforgettable place in people's memory, as it has recorded thousands of years of history, and represents a perfect integration of Kaidagelan civilization and modern Taiwan history. The influence of foreign cultures and the degeneration of the land of tender has yet to fade from people's memory.

New Beitou Park is both scenic spot and a local landmark. A bridge spans a river, along which there are willows and a kiosk. Golden orioles sing to remind travelers of their most remote memories. At night, the shadows that fall on the river banks draw an obvious contrast to the brightness of the moon. A poetic scenery is reflected by its glorious past that was impervious to time and corruption. Our ancestors, early explorers of this land, bearing the hope of realizing their idealism, created the unexpected prosperity. The wind blows and willows swing. People meander along the river banks. Memories flow back to the past, triggering nostalgia. In the flowing river below, life's uncertainties are reflected.

Proceed along the road with an exploring mind and you will stumble upon an oasis of calm rising out of the din. In the heart of the historical corridor Sweet Me Hot Spring Hotel springs forth and presents a paradise for city people to release their worried minds. This is a delicate hotel featuring simplicity and solace, has been built based on the elevation differences of its surrounding terrain. The hotel is composed of two parts: The Leisure Building (Hsien Ching Yi Chu Lo) and the Mountain & Water Building (Shan Shui Hsun Yu Lo). Though not as expansive as five-star hotels, these two hotels are a warm respite for discerning travelers. The elevation of the hotel building represents a style of refined fashion, falling between modernism and tradition. The simplicity of the space design brings guests the feeling of comfort, and a modern characteristic that represent rationality is well integrated with the gentleness of the Tang Dynasty style roofs. For the guests who stay at Sweet Me Hot Spring Hotel, the splendor is a feast for both their senses and spirits.