Hot Spring


Take a bath in the milky water accompanied by the natural fragrance in the mountains.
Hot spring of diversity nourishes your hope and dream.
This is a whole new world where you hover in the mists as freely as a witch.

Public Thermae

Mediterranean style men's/women's pools, reflecting the nobility of the ancient Roman Empire, bring you to experience our most luxurious service. The sauna is bathed in a cream color glow that soothes your weary senses. There are several pools to select with varying temperatures for your hydrotherapy. Immerse yourself freely to relax your body and mind.

SPA area

Business Hours
FRI~WED 09:00~22:00
THU Closed
*Due to maintainence requirement, Public sauna is available after 12:00 on Friday. For the maintenance of security ,children below 120 cm do not use the public hot spring


Item Effect of Medical Treatment
Men's/Women's Dry Sauna This type of sauna facility is not recommended to people who have high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.
Indoor White-Sulfur Hot Spring Pools People who have skin diseases should not use the public pools. Do not use any towels or skin-care products that may contaminate the bath water. Curative effect of the medical treatment: Helps to cure chronic arthritis, muscle/tendon soreness, inflammations, and chronic skin disease.
Cold Pools Using the cold spring pool while your body is still hot from the previous hot bath creates a sudden change of temperature that can tighten your skin and restore its elasticity. Besides bringing the most satisfactory skin care, this process also can help in slowing the aging process.
SPA Hydrotherapy Pools
(women's area only)
These pools provide you with the most comfortable massage that not only rejuvenates your skin, but also penetrates the pleasure deep within to your bones. It helps to stimulate the circulation of blood and general heath of the lymphatic system and aid your metabolism, and as a result, enhancing your total body function and constitution.
Bubble Body Massage Couches
(women's area only)
Recline on the underwater chair that has been designed according to the latest advancements in ergonomics. The bubble vibrations that invigorate your back help to purify your skin and refresh your spirit. It is also excellent for reducing soreness in and around the shoulders.

Guidelines for using the hot spring facilities

  1. Showering before entering the pool is required.
  2. Enter the pools slowly by immersing your feet first and then the rest of your body.
  3. Please take a five-minute break out side the pool for every ten minutes of bathing in the hot spring. You can rest on the stairs or change to the cold pool.
  4. After getting out of the pool, use bath gel to cleanse your body instead of bar soap.
NOTE:A little tip for hot spring takers: Using hot spring water to shampoo will tangle your hair.

Guidelines for using the hot spring facilities

Guests who are famished, drunk or just had meals one hour before are not recommended to get in the pool. The experience from the hot spring may overwhelm your constitution.
Do not enter the pool if you are exhausted or in lack of sleep, or have taken a long distance trip or intensely exercised. Wait until your energy resumes.
Do not take any hot spring if you are having a fever or other symptoms of acute diseases.
Do not enter the pool if you have skin diseases.
Do not take a hot spring bath if you have a flesh wound or inflammation, so as to prevent deteriorating the wound.
Do not take any hot spring if you have acute eczema that has begun to fester or if you have acute arthritis.
Do not overeat after taking a bath.
Do not take any hot spring if you are at the early or final stage of pregnancy, or when you are having your period. Follow a doctor's advice if you are warned not to take any hot spring due to some special conditions.
An adverse chemical reaction occurs when fruit acid meets the acid/alkaline substance left on your skin, therefore no skin care products of this kind are recommended after a bath.
Although taking a hot spring bath is considered healthy, it should not be seen as a cure-all. People who have high blood pressure, a heart disorder, lung disease or blood vessel problems are forbidden to use the high-power spouts or hot bath. Hot springs stimulate the metabolism, therefore, people who have deteriorating tumors or leukemia should not use the facilities. Diabetic patients whose skin damages easily are not suitable for a long bath time.