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  • Day off:6/3、6/10、6/19、6/29
  • PM13:00~PM21:00

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02-2898-3838#661, 0987-833-025


ღ Services ღ

Body Massage

ღ Hou Tu | European Massage

The body bears the burden of everyday existence, much like rich soil.

Using Swedish massage as the main technique, moderate pressure traverses muscles, tendons, bones, and joints, easing lactate accumulation and fatigue, gently cultivating and relaxing the body, and reawakening it.

ღ Tian Huang | Meridian Massage

Energy pathways in the human body are known as meridians. The body's temple radiates light because of its abundant vitality and well-defined energy channels.  Regulating meridians to keep the body and mind clear, balancing yin and yang energies, activating body and mind vitality, and awakening abundant life force.

ღ Long Xuan | Chakra Massage

Life energy lies dormant at the base of the spine, like a slumbering dragon awaiting ascent. A unique combination of essential oils for the chakras is used to cleanse and nourish the energy along the spine's core axis, which in turn activates latent life force, imagination, expression, inclusivity, intuition, and action.

ღ Yun Yu | Pregnancy Care Massage

Fruits develop from blossoms as they bask in the light of the sun and moon each day, drink the dew that falls from the branches in the morning, and drink the fog that falls at night. Release the tension and strain of pregnancy with the gentle caress of the aromatherapist's hands, which are like a warm spring breeze. A mother with a happy smile brings a stable and sweet baby.

ღ Rou Fu | Body scrub

Incorporating rhythmic techniques, this massage and exfoliation method softly aids in skin metabolism and circulation, leaving the body's skin feeling revitalized. It is perfect for formal events or welcoming summer clothes.

Facial Care

ღ Luo Shen Fu | Facial Care

Every every day, our emotions—happiness, anger, sadness, and rage—carve out unique features on our faces. As if caressing a face with a kiss from spring, the hydrating essence of plants caresses the skin with light touches and massages, with motions as gentle as the spring wind and gentle hands as graceful as swans.

ღ Price List ღ

ღ Notes ღ

  1. All sessions are by appointment only; gentlemen are also welcome to book.
  2. The treatment time includes bathing; the rest is hands-on massage time.
  3. To ensure service quality, please make an appointment in advance and arrive on time. Late arrivals may result in reduced treatment time. Thank you for your cooperation.
  4. If you need to cancel the treatment, please inform us by phone (0987-833-025) or official LINE (ID: @825sonnl) at least one day in advance of the appointment time.
  5. No appointments are accepted for inflamed skin or during recent care periods.
  6. To allow you to relax and fully enjoy the treatment, we recommend that you handle important matters in advance and turn off your phone or set it to silent during the treatment.
  7. The above prices include a 10% service charge.